When The ‘Quick Fixes’ Are No Longer Sufficient To Hold Your Business Together

When The ‘Quick Fixes’ Are No Longer Sufficient To Hold Your Business Together

As an entry level accounting solution, QuickBooks is really great but as your business grows, this solution starts showing cracks. As the signs of QuickBooks’ struggle to prove its worth as an accounting system start to show, you must start considering to sun-setting your current business solution in favor of another, more comprehensive business solution to provide your business the room it needs to grow and flourish.

We have mapped and compiled a list of pain-points that all businesses outgrowing QuickBooks share and are trying to solve. In this blog series, we will address some of those common growing pains and how a business solution from Microsoft goes beyond entry level accounting software to keep you on the path of growth.

Growing Pain #1:  Rubber Bands and Sticky Notes Are Keeping You Up at Night

As your business grows, a lot of moving parts come into play and it’s not always easy to glue them together. In a growing business, financial data becomes more complex to collect and analyze, supply chain is no longer the automaton you created and could rely on, and the many workarounds you and your team have put in place are starting to show cracks and you are worried about a total internal failure.  With the continuous rise in the manual data entry, no amount of spreadsheets are enough to keep you on top of the information and despite the best efforts of your team, you’ll not be able to get the necessary insight and timely mission-critical information needed to make proactive decisions. When creating inventive workarounds to manage business problems becomes harder than to actually manage your business functions, it is probably the right time to opt for a business management solution that enables you for the next stage of your growth. Comprehensive doesn’t have to mean complex.

Microsoft Dynamics is a comprehensive, user-friendly, yet adaptive solution that can help you manage your entire business operations including financials, human resource, supply chain and customer relationship management, all the while providing power business intelligence capabilities.

Travis Perkins, Director of IT for EMIT Technologies says, “We were relying on QuickBooks for basic accounting, but we needed to address long-term goals of our growing business and knew we would need a more robust solution that handled inventory management and manufacturing as well.” He continues, “With Microsoft Dynamics, we’ve evolved from managing each order individually as a one-off job, to a true manufacturing environment where we have greater insight and control while having uniform processes in place across the company.”

Thousands of customers turned to Microsoft Dynamics for the support of their next phase of business when they realized they’ve outgrown their entry-level accounting software. Microsoft Dynamics is a complete, enterprise grade application that knits all the business functions together and glues down all the moving parts to create a dependable automaton. Join us next week when we explore the growing pain: Closing the books and managing cash flow is becoming progressively harder. Until then, schedule a call with one of our experts to learn more about our cloud or on-premises solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s easier, more affordable than you might think.

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