What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7?

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics AX 7?

The most awaited latest version of Dynamics AX ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX 7.0, also known by its code name “Rainier” is due for release in early 2016, but what is new about this version?

The live preview of Dynamics AX 7 in Barcelona at Microsoft Convergence 2015 EMEA has given a few insights into the product strategy and key features of this upgraded enterprise resource planning software that is about to take the ERP market by storm.

Speaking of product strategy, Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 will be following the ‘Mobile first – Cloud first’ strategy. ‘Mobile first’ is an assurance that the user’s experience will be consistent irrespective of the device used to access Dynamics AX 7, while ‘Cloud first’ is indicative of the suitability of Dynamics AX 7’s platform for public and private cloud deployments on Windows Azure.

The features that will make Dynamics AX 7 Microsoft’s most robust enterprise resource planning software are briefly outlined below:

  • In light of the increasing dependence on mobile devices used as office tools for all kinds of tasks ranging from accessing data to managing financial data, Dynamics AX 7 has upgraded the ERP to improve cloud access and mobility.
  • A web based client will be used to access Dynamics AX 7 as opposed to a Windows desktop client which renders the need to install customized applications on various systems and devices unnecessary.
  • Dynamics AX 7’s intuitive HTML5 interface ensures users have a superior experience.
  • Dynamics AX 7 will offer excellent Life Cycle Management irrespective of deployment choice from on premise, hybrid and full cloud.
  • Dynamics AX 7 has been enabled to receive software updates; this eliminates compatibility issues, also there will be no need to re-release the entire software suite. This helps Dynamics AX 7 users stay current.
  • Users can buy subscriptions to use Dynamics AX 7 and cancel them later when they no longer need them. The ease in licensing through subscriptions decreases the cost and makes Dynamics AX 7 very convenient for users.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 has helped overcome the challenges faced by Dynamics AX ERP users in the retail, distribution, manufacturing, services and public sectors and offers them just what they need in terms of an ERP solution.

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Dear Ameera, I am new to AX and looking some ways to be certified . Would you please let me know .........where in Pakistan I can get training for AX ? any website or institution for training ?

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