Commission on Sales in Microsoft Dynamics 365
Sales commission is a common practice used by employers to motivate employees to increase sales. A commission is a monetary sum paid to sales team from employer defined as a percentage of sales.
Basics of Consignment Inventory
Consignment inventory is a concept in supply chain wherein a product is sold by a retailer, but the ownership remains with the supplier until a sale occurs.
Create an Effective and Efficient Supply Chain
Keeping tabs on the incoming and outgoing inventory in a busy warehouse is no easy task, especially if you rely on manual procedures or basic accounting software.
When Business Gets Complicated, Simplify It with A Business Solution From Microsoft
Running a business is never easy as it comes with its own challenges. However, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is one such solution that helps to simplify your business and bring fruitful results.
The Strategic ways to grow Your Business beyond the Accounting Software
As your business grows, you’re likely to outgrow the usefulness of your existing accounting software and there will most probably come a time where the very tools that contributed significantly to your growth will start holding you back by not being able to provide the required level of agility and insight anymore to make good business decisions.
Create a Supply Chain That Keeps Customers Coming Back for More
Almost every successful manufacturer and distributor try to achieve one major goal during their time in business and that is a strong relationship between suppliers and vendors to develop a supply chain that is finely tuned.