How to Choose the Right ERP Platform
When it comes to choosing an ERP platform, there are a number of steps that retailers can take to ensure that they’ve selected the right option for their organization. Follow these 7 steps to help guide you from first look to final decision.
8 Strategies for Minimizing Disruption During ERP Implementation
Implementing an ERP platform can feel like a sizeable task with risks and challenges throughout. However, there are several strategies that retailers can follow to minimize their risk of data loss or disruption during implementation.
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ROI is an important metric for any major investment and an ERP solution is no exception. Accurately calculating your ROI from the start can help your retail business to find the right solution - so be sure to follow these steps in your efforts.
7 Questions to Evaluate ERP Vendors
ERP platforms are incredible examples of technology that have changed the digital landscape and how retailers around the world do business. However, choosing the right solution and the right partner to implement it can be tricky, but with these 7 questions it can be a little easier.
4 Questions You Should Ask to Choose the Right ERP for Retail
Time for an ERP platform but unsure of which solution is the right fit for your retail business? Asking the right questions can save hours of time, stress, and possible rework down the line and even prevent the wrong choice.
CRM + ERP: What’s the Connection?
For retailers, getting an edge to stay competitive often starts from within. Two major functions that assist in this are ERP & CRM - which are both acronyms and solutions. And together, they can serve to support effective employees - leading to happier customers.
Common ERP Implementation Mistakes & Criteria to Avoid Them
Implementing an ERP can feel daunting, but the end results make it totally worthwhile. However, there are a few common errors made by businesses during implementation that can make the process way more difficult. Find out what they are and some criteria for potential vendors to help you stay on track on your path to ERP simplicity.
Cloud vs On-Premise: What’s Better for Your Retail Business?
From supply chain to accounting to marketing, there are a million complex and growing pieces in your retail business - and they’re not getting any simpler any time soon. However, to keep it all organized, why not keep your ERP in the cloud? Find out benefits versus an on-premise solution today.
3 Best Practices for ERP Implementation
Many factors to ERP implementation success lie in thorough planning, preparing for the unexpected, and maintaining open lines of communication before, during, and after the process. To make the transition a little bit easier, we’ve come up with three best practices for a more efficient and less disruptive ERP implementation.