Systems Limited vs. 10Pearls Football Tournament

Systems Limited vs. 10Pearls Football Tournament

Systems Limited (Karachi) scored a 3-2 victory over 10Pearls in a friendly football match held December 11, 2015 at KMC Sports Arena, Karachi.

Both teams previously clashed to earn a draw at 0-0. This time, however, both teams exhibited a more vigorous and exciting play throughout the match. The first 15 minutes saw both teams aggressively pushing to score but failing to succeed. Midway into the first half, Zohaib Masood scored for Systems Limited with a superb strike from inside the box. Equally forceful attempts in the first half by 10Pearls to score were met with match winning saves by the Systems Limited goal-keeper Ahsan Ahmed. Systems Limited doubled their lead before half time with a goal from mid-fielder Behroz Abdi and by the half time, Systems Limited was leading by 2-0.

To adapt to Systems’ relentless onslaught, 10Pearls decided to up their game by attacking from both flanks in the Second Half. Early in the second half, 10Pearls earned a penalty and executed it nicely to make it 2-1, with 10Pearls finally scoring a goal against Systems. Systems was quick to respond with a sharp counter attack and Hassan Akhtar Khan hit home to regain the two-goals lead making it 3-1. Well into the second half, 10Pearls got a free-kick just outside the box. The shot was nicely angled and got through the defense, hit the pole and went in, making it 3-2. The match ended at 3-2 with Systems Limited in lead over 10Pearls by 1 goal.

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Senior Quality Engineer at Systems Limited with Over seven years of experience in the IT industry, Mutahar Mehdi is based in Karachi and is a regular contributor of the Systems Limited Blog.

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