Systems Limited playing its role in shaping the IT industry of Pakistan

Systems Limited playing its role in shaping the IT industry of Pakistan

Being the first technology company of Pakistan, Systems Limited has played its role in shaping the IT industry and is well-recognized as the leading technology company in Pakistan and one of the fastest growing in the region. It has played vital role in shaping the lives of hundreds of families abroad and thousands of them in Pakistan.

In the IT industry, the customer requirements and technology changes so rapidly that it is important to reinvent and extend its services, the technologies, and most importantly – ourselves, so we are in a position to be able to rapidly respond to these changes, one of the key thing as we move forward is about people and ideas.

For last four decades, the team at Systems Limited has been innovating and automating manual or legacy systems across Pakistan. Systems Limited has many innovations and the first-ever products tagged to its name and have been winning customers' confidence across the world. Indeed, over these years – we continued to be the leaders in software exports in Pakistan through good old fashioned team work and delivery.

Being an employee-owned company, Systems Limited is also a public-listed company in Pakistan. It is our people who are creating an IT revolution with innovative products and large-scale project deliveries. This IT revolution will create stronger economies that will produce higher Foreign Direct Investments for Pakistan.

Pakistan’s IT industry has a come a long way and is today the fastest growing export sector of Pakistan. From less than $20 million in annual exports back in 2000, the country’s annual IT exports have crossed the $523 million mark at an annual growth rate of 30-40%, projected to reach over $1 Billion by 2020.

We appreciate that our country is doing well at its current capacity but if we compare statistics with other countries exporting IT services, there is a room for improvement. For example, India’s IT Industry’s export revenues are projected at $110 Billion in FY15. China’s IT industry’s export revenue of $60 billion in 2015.

IT is human intensive industry – if the inflow is good, IT industry can continue to grow at a faster pace and reaches its maturity stage quicker. India adds 250,000 IT and BPO jobs every year, providing direct employment to 3.1 million and indirectly to 9 million people. India produces 2.5 million graduates each year; whereas Pakistan produces 445,000 graduates with just 10,000 CS graduates every year.

Being the largest Pakistani IT company, we employ over 2,000 people in Pakistan and 3,500 globally, as compared to over 200,000 or 350,000 that are employed by the Indian counterparts. Along with the country risk, the size of IT industry limits our capability in taking on large-scale and volume-driven technology and BPO projects.

Pakistan has a great potential for software development and export to other countries. That’s because the quality of skilled resources and the cost arbitrage as compared to India or China. In order to remain competitive, Pakistan needs to move up the value chain and counter the lack of talent.

The network of overseas residents played role in the development of successful economies like Taiwan, Malaysia, China and India. India is leveraging on its social capital with greater involvement of expatriates who refer the IT business to India. Similarly, there are a large number of Pakistanis living here, and we have to take practical steps and strengthen the social and economic link between the Middle East, US and Pakistan. It is our social responsibility to act as a conduit of opportunity and create employments in Pakistan and give back to our societies. We need support from people like you to help us in building a strong country image of Pakistan, and contribute towards a bright future for our next generation.

Imagine… what would be the world like when the technology revolution in Pakistan is at its peak that is comparable to other technology hubs in the world. Being the largest technology company, Pakistan expects Systems Limited to take a lead at this too, and with your help, creating more employment in IT industry will take us closer to achieving real-life progress for every Pakistani.

It is time to play our role in making Pakistan from developing to developed nation. Let’s be a part of this journey of a lifetime, with your help – Systems Limited – the change maker will once again create history by reshaping our societies.

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Zubair Anjum is VP Strategy at Systems Limited with over 17 years of experience in Strategy and Marketing. He is based out of Lahore and frequently pens down thoughts on how organizations can unleash growth and potential through enterprise grade technology solutions.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Systems Limited, or any other entity related to Systems Limited.

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