Group Photo of the winning team - Systems Limited (Karachi)

Systems Limited emerges victorious at Inter Software House Tape Ball Cricket Tournament, 2015

Systems Limited has maintained its winning streak by defeating Etilize Pakistan at the Inter Software House Tape Ball Cricket Tournament hosted by Contour Software.

The tournament consisted of 5 teams:

  1. Contour I
  2. Contour II
  3. Systems Limited
  4. Etilize
  5. Venture Drive
Match 1:

Systems Limited beat Contour I by 7 wickets chasing 84 runs in 4.2 overs.

Match 2:

Systems Limited defeated Contour II by 50 runs giving them the target of 89 runs in 5 overs.

Match 3 (Semi Final):

System Limited gained victory over Venture Drive by 28 runs giving them the target of 54 runs in 5 overs.

Match 4 (Final):

Systems Limited brought home the trophy by triumphing over Etilize by a margin of 8 runs, in the final match. Due to limited time, the final was played for only 3 overs per inning. Systems Limited Karachi had opted to bat first and with great effort the team managed to score 29 runs; however some excellent bowling by Salman, Faraz and Arsalan Rashid (Captain) restricted Etilize to only 21 runs, thus securing a convincing victory for Systems Limited.

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An Advisory Quality Engineer at Systems Limited with over 6 years of experience in HRMS Softwares, Arsalan Alam Saghir is based in Karachi and is a regular contributor of the Systems Limited Blog.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Systems Limited, or any other entity related to Systems Limited.


Irtaza's picture
Submitted by Irtaza on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 12:33

Well played team (Y) Also very nicely written Alam :) (Y)
Nida Shoukat's picture
Submitted by Nida Shoukat on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 17:22

Very well written :P (y)
Fatima Raza's picture
Submitted by Fatima Raza on Fri, 10/02/2015 - 17:27

Yahoooo!.. Team Systems....Great Work
Maheen Soomro's picture
Submitted by Maheen Soomro on Tue, 10/06/2015 - 22:00

Always proud of our team and their achievements!

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