Self-Awareness for Success

Self-Awareness for Success

Success is heavily chased by everyone in this world. What is “success” though?

I am going to share my experience on how to become a successful Entrepreneur, Professional or a Subject Matter Expert. As Abraham Lincoln said “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

The role of hard work in success. But is it all?

Let’s say that you commit to regularly and punctually offer prayers from tomorrow. You will then set realistic and practical goals to achieve this milestone and follow it through with perseverance and efforts. You will make “practice” an important step in the way to be successful in achieving this. This brings us to a phenomena called “hard work”, which I believe is a constant work in progress to be successful.

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Simply put, self-awareness is the knowledge, awareness and an unbiased reflection of yourself. The readiness for success will not come from having self-awareness alone, but by merging that awareness with a willingness to change what needs to be changed. To cultivate self-awareness, you should know of the following traits:

  1. Personality traits
  2. Like & Dislikes
  3. Motivational Drivers
  4. Threats & Fears


Personality is best described as how a person perceives himself, work, life and his opinions & feelings. All actions are based on our personality traits and this is what it is made up of:

Attitude + Behavior = Personality

Dimension to know about your personality:

Extensive research divides a personality into four characteristics

  1. Introvert or Extrovert
  2. Perceiver or Judge
  3. Intuitive or Sensor
  4. Thinker & Feeler

Introvert: Avoids social gathering, wants to work alone, not friendly with everyone.

Extrovert: Loves social gatherings, mingles with colleagues & friends, and shares ideas with all.

Perceiver: Not a decision maker. A dependent on other people’s ability to lead, think and decide.

Judge: A decision maker who investigates and steers clear of conspiracies.

Intuitive: A strong sixth sense. Visionary.

Sensor: Uses all 5 senses for decision making. Prefers mundane daily work. Lacks a vision.

Thinker: Thinks logically and rationally before making decisions.

Feeler: Acts on feelings without a rational focus on the bigger picture.

Motivation Factor:

There are some other factors which motivates individuals to achieve something:

  • Revenues: Monetary rewards give a sense of fulfilment.
  • Power: Become prominent, powerful and prestigious in the society (Army Officer, Business Man)
  • Affiliation: Focused on making others happy (becomes a Doctor to appease a father)

Personality Identification Method

As discussed, deep rooted “Self-Awareness” is fundamental to shape yourself for success. But how do we cultivate this learning? There are multiple effective ways to do this. This includes psychometric tests, meditation and yoga. These practices and resources are available on the internet. The psychometric tests consist of 15 to 20 questions and the results show which personality trait groups you fall in. While spiritual practices such as Yoga & Meditation requires dedication to learn what you feel and how you think at a deeper level. It cultivates self-awareness that keeps your negative emotions in check and sharpens your focus and concentration, preparing you for an exciting journey to success!

Conclusion: A Balance and a Constant Work in Progress

There is no short cut in life. To reach heights, we should strike a balance of self-awareness, efforts and be lifelong students. We need to know about our personality and motivational drivers and learn ways to leverage them to achieve goals in life. This can be possible by giving psychometric tests, getting coached and practicing perseverance and resilience.

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Advisory Software Quality Engineer at Systems Limited with over 8 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance and Management, Asim Noaman Lodhi is based in Lahore and is a regular contributor of the Systems Limited Blog.

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