Production Process using WMS Module

Production Process using WMS Module


This document will show you how to the new functionality of Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the main focus of this document is to relate Warehouse Management with the Production Control Module.

In this DEMO I will show you the procedure of the following concepts:

  • Production Picking of Raw Materials
  • Put Away of Finished Goods

Once a production operation begins, the required material must first be moved to designated areas on the production floor. Ideally, these materials would be placed close to the resources that consume the materials during the operation.


We will cover a scenario of Production Order in which we will do the following main steps to cover basic business scenario as much as possible.

  1. Creation of Production Order
  2. Estimation and Release of Production Order
  3. Work Creation (System will auto create the Work ID)
  4. Picking of Raw Material(s) via Mobile Device
  5. Starting the Production Order (to post picking List)
  6. Put away the Finished Goods (to report as finish the Production Order)


There are few Pre-requisites to perform this scenario.

  1. Item should be created and released to the company with the following configuration.
    1. Reservation Hierarchy should be defined
    2. Unit of measure sequence group is defined.
  2. BOM of a Product should be created in the system.
  3. Resource Group should be created with the default Input Warehouse and Input Location.
  4. Route of a product should be defined with all the operation you want to perform to the production order.
  5. Make sure that there are enough on-hand raw materials for production. Verify the following setup in warehouse management.
    1. Location profiles are set up for pick of raw materials and putaway of production orders.
    2. Work classes are set up for production pick and putaway.
    3. Work template is set up for pick of raw materials and putaway of production orders.
    4. Mobile device menu is set up.
    5. Work user is set up.

Steps with Screen Shots

  1. Create a New Production Order by following the below navigation
    Production control > Common > Production orders > All production orders.

  2. Fill in the following information:

    Item number: L0101
    Warehouse: 51
    Reservation: Release
    Release to warehouse: Require full reservation

  3. Now, Estimate the created Production Order.
    Production order > Process > Estimate > OK

  4. Release the Production Order
    Production order > Process > Release

  5. System will generate a wave for Production order and will post that. Related work for the production Picking would be created and system will show the INFOLOG for the details.

  6. To get the related WORK ID, you will follow the below mentioned navigation:
    Production order > Warehouse Management > Work Details

    Here, system will show the respective WORK ID for the Production Picking via Mobile Device.

  7. Go to the Mobile device interface and log in with User ID Admin and Password 123.

  8. Now, select the option of Production PICK in your Mobile Device.

  9. Scan / Enter the Work ID

  10. Scan / Enter the license plate for material P1 (230016)

  11. Confirm the putaway at the material staging location in production and Click OK. This completes the work.

  12. System will give you an INFOLOG for the completion of WORK.

  13. Now just select the Production Order and Start the order and click OK, system will post the PICKING LIST and ROUTE CARD journal.

  14. Check your On-Hand inventory if you want after putting away on the scanned location.

  15. Go to the Mobile device interface and log in with User ID Admin and Password 123.

  16. Under Production, select RAF and putaway.

  17. Enter the production order ID. Then press OK.

  18. Confirm the putaway at the pre-defined location and press OK.
    If a different location should be used, press Override.

  19. Confirm the Exception with OK.

  20. Then Suggest Location or enter a Location, then press OK.

  21. Click OK.

  22. Now the receipt is done.

  23. Check the production status and on-hand inventory for Item P-1.

    Product information management > Common > Released products
    Manage inventory and display On-hand Inventory
    In Dimensions display, select Location, Inventory status and License plate.

  24. Check the postings of the Production Order to verify certain amounts of the raw material consumed, cost category etc.

    Production control > Common > Production orders > All production orders
    View > Production posting.

  25. Finalize the production order by changing the status to Report as finished.

    On the Production order list page, select Production Order > Process > Report as finished.

    Click OK

  26. Observe that the status of the production order is changed to Report as finished.

  27. In the production posting, observe that an empty report as finished journal has been posted.

To see the financial impact(s) of the Production Order, you can see the financial and physical vouchers posted after the posting of RaF and Picking List.

Normally clearing accounts are mapped on RaF journal as there is a provision to reverse the cycle till RaF, actual accounts are mapped at the End of a Production order from where no one can revert the process / cycle.

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