Nurturing Entrepreneurship Culture

Nurturing Entrepreneurship Culture

Being the first technology company of Pakistan, since 1977 ā€“ Systems Limited has played its role in shaping the IT industry, is well-recognized as the leading player and one of the fastest growing company in the region. It is playing a vital role in making innovation happen and shaping the lives of 2,000 people in Pakistan and 3,500 globally.

The history of Systems Limited is replete with disruptive innovation by its employees at all levels and the successful conversion of these ideas to provide products and services to our clients. This has been possible because of the continuous commitment of Systems Limited to invest in Research and Development. Outstanding examples of the creativity, ranges from national language computing in the mid 1980s when Systems pioneered the use of Urdu and regional languages for computing, to a unique method of resolving the Y2K issue faced by all enterprises at the turn of the previous century. It was the uniqueness of this solution which allowed a small Pakistani company to make a breakthrough in the US market that allowed it to acquire major fortune 500 companies and 5 of the top 10 financial institutions as clients. In addition, based on ideas of our teams from working with clients, we have made products and solutions which boost are ability to compete successfully in the US and international markets.

Most of these ideas came from encouraging our staff to be the problem solvers for our clients and wherever the solution has a common base we have invested in that solution to make a product and given ownership and rewards to the team members who originated the idea. Our commitment to offer support to creativity and innovation continues. Recently, we spent just under Rs 100 million on R&D involving the development of new solutions, our products and research on proof of concept on new ideas as well as acquiring new technologies. This initiative produced successful startup like OneLoad, and there are more in the making. This investment will continue to grow to create a culture to incubate more innovative ideas and partners to work with.

Systems enjoys a strong relationship with principals like Microsoft and IBM that helps in developing innovative differentiators for our services and product offerings. The organization is structured around the Centers of Excellence to bring together resources from across the company to participate, collaborate, and leverage upon the combined knowledge and strength. It enables sharing of the best practices on international standards like ISO 27001, CMMI-level 3 compliant processes, SSAE-16 certifications. Average management experience spans over 20 years, and its professional management team is focused on encouraging innovation, mentorship, and counselling. Some of the senior people are involved in selection and mentoring of the startups at the accelerators and incubation centers like Plan9, PlanX, TechHub Connect and Nest I/O.

With its new building coming up near Phase-8 DHA, Systems Limited has 100,000 Sq. Ft. of A-class IT infrastructure and facilities where a dedicated Innovation Centre is planned to nurture the entrepreneurs. It also has a dedicated enterprise infrastructure team available 24/7 to provide access to state of the art IT infrastructure to technology-led startups and businesses. We have a thorough process to groom, coach, counsel and monitor the nurturing of ideas from entrepreneurs and can also guide them with the development and creation of the intellectual property, and facilitate in securing the funding from our investment pool or the network of venture capitalists.

Systems Limited has a strong geographical presence internationally and locally, and its global marketing team gives startups and entrepreneurs a much-needed guidance on devising their go-to-marketing strategy, digital marketing, business plan and product roadmap that are required to scale and provide them with access to the international markets, access to principal platforms, and outreach to the most relevant target audience globally. Other value additions are the representation on leading global forums, quick commercialization of ideas, access to VCā€™s and academia, international road shows and events, and marketing play a vital role in creating the awareness.

We believe that it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to act as a conduit of opportunity and create more and more employments and entrepreneurs in Pakistan that brings in more foreign direct investments in our country. To do so, we would like to leverage on initiatives whereby we can launch incubators, accelerators and mentorship programs, and arrange internship and management trainee programs for graduates.

We are confident that these initiatives will not only benefit the growth and market leadership of Systems Limited but will also provide tremendous opportunity to the personal growth of each of the entrepreneurs.

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Zubair Anjum is VP Strategy at Systems Limited with over 17 years of experience in Strategy and Marketing. He is based out of Lahore and frequently pens down thoughts on how organizations can unleash growth and potential through enterprise grade technology solutions.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Systems Limited, or any other entity related to Systems Limited.

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