Microsoft Dynamics AX: A Brief Introduction

Microsoft Dynamics AX: A Brief Introduction

What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

The Microsoft Dynamics FamilyMicrosoft Dynamics AX, a part of the Microsoft Dynamics family, is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that allows for the centralization of data across multiple countries and sites of an international enterprise. This enables decision makers to make informed choices especially because it gives the management of global organizations increased visibility.

Rapidly becoming a leader amongst ERP vendors, and gaining market share over competitors such as SAP and Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ideal ERP solution for retail, distribution, manufacturing, public sector and service industries. Dynamics AX also provides comprehensive capabilities for financial, human resources and operations management. Implementation of Dynamics AX is suitable for small, medium and large businesses.

An agile, simple and powerful innovation, Dynamics AX 2012 provides organizations with tools for organizational planning that give increased insights and enable the organization to quickly adapt to developing opportunities and gain maximum value and growth.

Brief History of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Introduced as IBM Axapta back in 1998, Microsoft Dynamics AX was co-created by Danish Damgaard Data and IBM. However, the release of Version 1.5 saw IBM become dissociated from the software, leading to the formation of NavisionDamgaard (a merger between Damgaard Data and Navision Software) in 2002. In July 2002, NavisionDamgaard was acquired by Microsoft.

Availability and Customer base

As IBM Axapta, the ERP was initially available in the Danish and U.S. markets only.
Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is available in 30 countries and 25 languages; moreover the software has established a strong customer base of over 350, 000 customers, and 5 million users worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Some Key Capabilities

Dynamics AX ERP is a multi-language, multi-currency Enterprise Resource Planning solution that allows global businesses to be centrally managed; it supports business processes across multiple countries and sites. It supports the unique business requirements of over 36 countries, which also includes multiple time zones, multiple banking and reporting standards, and legislative codes. Microsoft Dynamics AX gives employees at an organization instant, RoleTailored insight and increasing levels of productivity, thus contributing to the growth and expansion of the business.

Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers users a reliable experience by consistently upholding performance and delivering effortless Microsoft Office interoperability in addition to superior collaboration across the extended supply chain.

Future of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics ‘AX 7’ is a Microsoft ERP solution that will be launched soon. It is being introduced as an ERP solution that will drastically increase the speed of doing business, by providing real-time insights and intelligence that will enable managers to make quicker and wiser decisions. Managers will have access to all the information they need from any location, and on any device. This gives organizations fast paced growth due to increased flexibility. Lastly, the option to have access through cloud, allows scaling and expansion of global operations as per business needs.

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