Job Market Saturation and Fresh Graduates

Job Market Saturation and Fresh Graduates

Congratulations, if you just graduated! Aren’t you excited to take the corporate world with your fresh ideas and enthusiasm? However, probably a thousand others are also feeling the same way. Recruiters post just a handful of vacancies but receive hundreds of resumes in return.

The trail to your dream job may be awfully painful and differentiating yourself might seem challenging. However, there are ways that you can stand out. Compelling resumes are critical for your application to not bear the brunt of a trash bin.

Here are a few challenges that recent graduates commonly face.

Worsening Job Market

How often have you heard the terms “bad” and “economy” together? The world is experiencing a rising rate of unemployment with most people finding it extremely difficult to secure a decent job. Proactivity is the key here. There are days when you feel hopeless but working with patience and efforts in your job hunt is pivotal. There are plenty of online job search tools and you have to make the most of it.

Dilemma of Choice; Graduate School or Job

If you opt-in for a graduate school, your academic performance is essential to set you apart from others in the job market. Having a graduate degree increases your chances at securing more job opportunities. However, this is not always the case. On the other hand, you are presented with an option of immediately starting out in the job market. Well, there’s no better learning than truly experiencing real-life work dynamics and opting for a graduate school only when learning starts to stagnate. So it is upon you to weigh what matters to you the most and plan ahead.

Soaring Expectations

The key to having a productive career path is being up-to-date with reality. Fresh graduates frequently fall prey to a sense of entitlement by chasing a top management position or applying to job positions that do not match with their current profile, leading them to feel bitter and resigned if they don’t head back. It's essential to apply strategically and find the right fit to get effective responses.

Lack of experience

Hunting down an initial work experience of any kind is the most dished out advice for graduates. However, sometimes you're simply too fearful of starting out the mundane routine of a full time job. Rather than losing a limb, build your experience in different job types, even if it means working for free. This offers you time to explore your interests and plan a career move as you gain some insights before stepping into some permanent work. Additionally, basic work experience can always set you apart from other candidates.

Key Takeaways

Whether you are fresh-graduate or a lateral jobseeker, the road will be bumpy but you have to keep going with perseverance. The choice is yours; will you let the crowd boo you away or do you stay determined?

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