Improving 3 Areas for HR Success in Retail

Improving 3 Areas for HR Success in Retail

Human Resources. Arguably one of the most essential and yet underappreciated parts of any retail business. It’s more than just finding and hiring the right people, it’s ensuring that those people have a smooth transition, and making sure they receive the right benefits, at the right times. It’s enabling all the other parts of the business to function because their staff continue to get paid and to come to work on time.

In this post, we’re looking at how a retail company can ease some of the stressors of daily life of our appreciated, but often unsung, HR departments.

Better Recruiting Practices

Finding and retaining the right staff is getting increasingly difficult as the hiring market is getting tighter and potential employees (and employers) understand the importance and value of individual contributions. Subsequently, having the best recruitment process possible on both sides of the hiring equation, for candidates and hiring managers, can greatly simplify the lives of all of those involved. Some ways that Dynamics 365 can support this in particular include:

  • Application management for better candidate selection
  • Job portal and website integration
  • Vacancy templates to make creating job postings a breeze
  • Automated and one-click publishing on all of your favorite job boards and hiring sites
  • Streamlined candidate hiring experience - including initial submission and ongoing communications; with transparency throughout
  • Easier interviewing with video conferencing
  • Seamless file transfer of key documents via OneDrive
  • Automated onboarding processes

These changes together can streamline your recruitment process from a department-wide headache into a business-wide success; without requiring that different departments take on even more responsibilities.

Managing Daily Needs

When it comes to retail, flexibility is key. Having a self-service employee portal, as is the case with Dynamics 365, means that staff, both in store and in the office, can quickly and easily manage their key HR functions - such as requesting time off. For shift workers, this can be integral, as the capacity to quickly and smoothly submit change requests can prevent headaches down the line for workers and supervisors alike.

As Dynamics 365 with an integrated POS automatically tracks all sales and movements occurring at different registers, there’s less time spent by employees on end-of-day and closing tasks. It also lowers the incidence of error in these activities as they are all managed by a computer - instead of a person. In a cloud-based model, this also means that all the data can be used for reporting in real time and in locations entirely separate from any brick-and-mortar store locations; leading to better and faster decision making.

Ongoing Administrative Tasks

The possibility of automating or eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks is attractive for any employee, but particularly for those in retail. Having a self-service portal can remove a lot of the ‘back and forth’ that often arises, and centralizes what’s left so that HR employees are left with only the tasks that require true human inclusion remain ongoing. Some key HR/administrative functions that Dynamics 365 can help with include:

  • Staff administration: digital personnel files and management, contracts/agreements
  • Integrated employee files that include information about commissions, hours logged, absences, customer satisfaction and more
  • ‘Best Practice’ processes for hiring - and how they can be implemented in your business
  • Automation of routine HR workflows
  • Document templates for key materials for both internal communications and also for recruitment
  • Contract management, including centralized availability of documents and the capacity to be ‘signature ready’

These different needs and functions represent only a small percentage of the overall processes and practices carried out within your HR department. However, getting a number of these simplified and automated whenever possible can mean overarching long term benefits in the rest of your HR department and throughout your entire business. Choosing an ERP solution like Dynamics 365 includes all of the above and more - making for better and more effective processes throughout your retail business.

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