How to Move from Manual Testing to Test Automation

How to Move from Manual Testing to Test Automation

Moving from manual testing to test automation should be done gradually. Instead of attempting to learn multiple automation skills in one go, each automation skill should be learnt one at a time, like stairs are climbed one at a time. The process should be progressive, with the complexity level of each new skill increasing as you move forward.

This blogpost is intended to assist testers who wish to move to test automation from manual testing but do not know how to go about it. Additionally they are unaware of the skills required for test automation as well as of the order in which the skills are to be learnt.

Finding Inspiration to Learn Test Automation

Inspiration for learning test automation can be found in something as unrelated to the topic as a book titled, ‘On Writing’, written by Stephen King, in which he speaks of the ordeals that he faced before his work was published.

In the initial days of his writing career, King’s work was repeatedly rejected by magazines, yet he never gave up. He would collect all the notes of rejection that he kept getting; he got so many that eventually a huge spike that he had attached to his bedroom wall was filled with rejection notes. He continued to write nonetheless.

To begin with he submitted his work to the 1960 version of blogs. Once his novels were accepted there, he attempted to write for second tier magazines and when he was successful in getting his work published in these magazines, he endeavored to have his novels appear in first tier magazines. At last, after 10 years undying efforts, his first novel “Carrie”, got published.

The following 3 activities define Stephen King’s writing process:

  • Practice
  • Learning from feedback
  • Consistently challenging himself to rise to the next level

Particularly the last of these three activities can be a source of inspiration when learning test automation.

To challenge oneself to rise to the next skill level.

Learning test automation consists of:

  • Beginning by learning a basic aspect of test automation.
  • Continuing to practice that particular aspect until it is well-understood.
  • Moving on to learn a slightly more advanced/difficult skill.

An example of how one may go about learning Test Automation following the above strategy is, that after learning HTML which gives an understanding about how web pages are built, move on to learning CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) to gain knowledge about how styling information is getting added to HTML elements. Then follow it up with learning JavaScript which is about how dynamic effects come into play in web pages.

Applying This Process of Learning to Test Automation.

When it comes to learning test automation, the questions that always arise are:

  • What skills are required in order to start from zero in automated testing?
  • What is the starting point in learning automation testing?

Below is the staircase of going from manual testing to test automation.

At the bottom of the staircase, you have manual testing.

Test automation is at the top of the staircase.

So you start walking, one step at a time:

Test Automation (basic skills)

Keep following this space to learn more. In my next blog I will elaborate each of the steps in the staircase of going from manual testing to test automation.

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