A Holistic View of My Recruitment Process

A Holistic View of My Recruitment Process

Through this blog post, I would like to share my modus operandi and the best practices that I follow as a recruiter. The recruitment model that we’ve created, and now follow, is quite adaptive and we are able to flex it to cater to the client needs, and to factor in other variables such as technology, business verticals and geography. My team and I firmly believe in “adaptability” and “innovation” to be the two most important first steps towards professional success and you will see frequent use of these two ingredients in the recipe that follows.

For the ease of the reader, I’ve divided this post into two separate chapters. Everything we do in Initiation Phase is just to prepare for Culmination Phase, which has a major role to play in the success or failure of the whole recruitment process.


1 - Requirement Gathering

In this first step, we speak with the client and/or the Engagement Manager to gather information on the position available, in order to develop a competency model and to ascertain the delivery timelines.

2 - Sourcing of Candidates – Strategies

This next step is of primary importance to us since the degree of properness in the execution of this step will determine the quality of the end product; i.e. a placement. Here, we start hunting for and identifying the close-fit candidates, utilizing various platforms such as Job Boards, Internal Databases, Preferred Vendors Lists, and Social Media to our advantage. In contrast to this “push strategy”, we use a “pull strategy” as well where we advertise the position on Job boards, Linked In and Social Media to which the potential candidates respond by applying for the advertised role. Linking these two strategies with our rigorous initial screening process, we are able to fill our funnel with just the potential right-fit candidates.

3 - Competency Assessment

Best practices dictate that you get to know your candidate before you recommend them to the Engagement Manager or the Client; and that’s exactly what we do! We have meticulously structured conversations with all the shortlisted right-fit candidates about their potential roles, expectations of their potential employer to assess if they are a good fit or not. We evaluate our candidates on various determining factors such as interest of the candidate, their outlook on the role, their communication skills, their professional achievements, their availability, and the remuneration package demanded.

4 - Client Interview and Selection

We quickly follow through and set up the client interviews of the candidates we have shortlisted through our due-diligence in the steps mentioned above. In the interviews, the candidates discuss their roles in detail with the client and answer the client’s scenario based questions. In the event a red flag goes up during an interview, the candidate is immediately dropped and all remaining candidates are reevaluated in light of the new information received, before the next candidate is forwarded. This process continues until a candidate is finalized, in which case, we release an offer letter in their name(s) and share the start dates internally as per the candidate’s availability.


5 - Candidate Follow Up

The recruitment process culminates at this final step where, after obtaining the signed documents from the candidate, we follow up with them to ensure they join the project and report onsite for duty. Following up is important because candidates are seen to change their minds at the last minute pertaining to a score of reasons, such as difficulty in relocation, a better offer from a competitor, getting cold feet and so on.

It is therefore of primary importance for us to keep the candidate engaged at every step of the way, especially during the last stretch, when they’ve signed the documents but haven’t actually joined the project. That’s when they change their minds the most!

This is a tried and tested approach towards better recruitment and as a recruiter, I employ it day in, day out. It will not be an overstatement to say that this approach is what’s gotten me where I stand today. I would highly recommend this to the trainers, my peers, and those aspiring to excel in ‘recruitment’ as a career.

If you have any queries and/or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below and I’ll be happy answer them.

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Manager, Global IT Talent Acquisition at Systems Limited with over eight years of experience in IT Staffing, Zaheer Akhtar is based in Lahore and is a regular contributor of the Systems Limited Blog.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of Systems Limited, or any other entity related to Systems Limited.


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