Google and Big Data

Google and Big Data

Google is responsible for increasing the importance of big data in our lives. Google has shown us how we can better analyze big data and use it in a multitude of life changing ways. Some of the ways that Google has used Big Data to its advantage are as follows:

  • Google has created ways of accessing information such as launching Universal Search in 2007, whereby it gains access to a huge number of sources, for e.g. language data, weather forecasts and currency exchanges to mention a few. This project evolved into the Knowledge Graph in 2012, whereby, upon searching a particular subject, information drawn from a wide range of resources is instantly displayed.
    Google makes sure that the information it is providing to you is relevant to you; how does it do so? From your previous search history ( if you are logged in to your personal Google account) it accesses information about your location, as well as information from your Google+ profile and Gmail messages so as to ensure that the information it provides is closes to what you are looking for.
  • The launch of Google's Big Query in 2010 is another successful project employing big data. This is Google's commercial service which charges companies for storage space on its cloud platforms as well as for the computer time taken in running the queries. Thus, using Big Query, companies can store and analyze big data sets.
  • Google's self-driving car is another great example of how Google is employing big data. Through sensors, cameras and tracking devices, along with using on-board and real-time analysis from a Google Maps and Street view, the Google car draws huge amounts of data that enables it to maneuver the streets without a human driver.
  • Google's voice search feature. This is becoming more accurate thanks to the speech recognition data that is provided by users. Based upon this data, the speech service is training itself as it learns from all incoming data.

In the years to come, as other companies begin to appreciate the wide ranging benefits and uses of big data, they too will be following suit.

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