FAST Sports Gala 2015

FAST Sports Gala 2015

A Cricket Championship was held at FAST University, Lahore from 8-10th November, 2015.
The tournament was arranged between 18 companies which included multinational companies as well as Software Houses. The teams were divided into 6 groups as follows:

Cricket Groups

Team Systems Limited demonstrated high-spirited performance throughout the tournament and played 4 grueling matches in the most enthusiastic manner.

Match 1:

Systems Limited Vs Boneheads:

Systems Limited played with determination and energy, winning against the Boneheads by scoring 113 runs in 5 overs and then restricting the opponent to 42 runs with their well-practiced fielding strategies.

Match 2:

Systems Limited Vs AGCN:

Scoring 80 runs in 5 overs, Systems Limited gained a victory against AGCN. Once again their defense was as strong as their attack; Systems Limited managed to restrict AGCN to just 50 runs.

Quarter Final:

Systems Limited Vs Frag:

Systems Limited won the match with a significant margin by scoring 118 runs in 5 overs against Frag that scored 53 runs.

Having qualified for the Semi-Finals after their consistent performance, Systems Limited played a nail-biting match against CureMD.

Semi Final:

Systems Limited Vs CureMD:

The semi-finals saw Systems Ltd score 64 runs in 6 overs. The spectators were held in suspense until the last few balls; CureMD successfully chased the score in 5.4 overs, thus CureMD qualified for the finals.

The tournament concluded with CureMD defeating Kwanso in the finals.

While winning definitely has a special relish of its own, Team Systems Limited savored the joy of participating in the tournament and made the most of the opportunity to network and socialize with team players representing other IT companies.

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