Create a Supply Chain That Keeps Customers Coming Back for More

Create a Supply Chain That Keeps Customers Coming Back for More

Almost every successful manufacturer and distributor try to achieve one major goal during their time in business and that is a strong relationship between suppliers and vendors to develop a supply chain that is finely tuned. Why do they strive for this? The improved communication and collaboration allows them to take advantage of new opportunities whilst avoiding potential disruptions.

How one may ask can this be achieved, how can these relationships be strengthened and a synergy developed? The answer is swift access to reliable data that is provided by correct supply chain management tools. That’s where Microsoft plays a vital role, it can provide a business solution that can connect the many processes of an organization. From the front desk to the loading dock, Microsoft Dynamics ERP can provide the employees with role-specific information which can be used to manage inventory, distribution financials and finally the entire business operation.

Need proof of how an experienced distributor, P2P Logistics, was able to achieve this synergy and streamline operations, improve business relationships by implementing a Microsoft Dynamics on Azure? Schedule a meeting for a high-level demo today with one of our subject matter experts. Once implemented, P2P Logistics, a fleet of 17 vehicles utilized for the delivery of approximately 50,000 consignments across the United Kingdom was able to gain insight within each transaction, real time data became available that could be used for business intelligence and planning as well as the capability to make plans for the future taking into account possibility of new growth.

To learn how to turn years of historical data into information that can be easily understood and analysed to pinpoint trends, new sales opportunities and to know what the customer wants even before they do, view the infographic “Five Ways to Make Your Supply Chain More Dynamic”. A business solution from Microsoft makes the operation ready for changing regulatory requirements and customer demands. The increase in visibility makes it easier to plan for the future, keep production and inventory under control and be ever ready to respond to customer needs.

Microsoft provides a business solution that allows you to turn your supply chain into an in-stock, on time, everything is correctly positioned operation. The solution itself is easy to use. Contact us today if you wish to learn more about our innovative solutions for small and midsized businesses.

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A Business Analyst at Systems Limited with over 4 years of experience in Marketing, Farwa Haider is based in Lahore and is a regular contributor of the Systems Limited Blog.

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