Case Study-Hospital information management system

Case Study-Hospital information management system

In our current growing world, the relevant information at the right time and right place is very important. Healthcare centers / hospitals are the places where respective information regarding a patient is very important with just few clicks. With technology improvements, the paperless environments increase the efficiency of collecting, storing and retrieving the right information.

Hospital management information systems (HMIS) are developed for compiling and maintaining a complete and historical information of a patient. The software is normally capable of the following:

  1. Record and maintain the complete information of a patient
  2. History of a patient and its related family
  3. Complete data of type & sub types (hierarchy) of medicines
  4. Complete data of medicines including the generic & brand name etc.
  5. Panel / doctors complete information
  6. Maintenance of different package / treatment rates
  7. Appointment maintenance
  8. Prescription defined by doctors

You can see that all important information is captured in HMIS. But such software can not be executed standalone in large hospitals. HMIS normally does not maintain the financial, supply chain and retail point of sale part which is one of the most important aspect in this sector

MS Dynamics 365 is one of the largest and fastest growing ERP in current period all over the world. It offers a rich experience of easy maintenance of required information in the system. By executing the combination of HMIS and Dynamics 365 in a hospital, it gives a real time complete & comprehensive information on defined dashboard and on the selection of few clicks

So, this looks like the user required to replicate a single entry on two different environments to get full and comprehensive reports which will not only increase the workload / resources but also raise the questions of reconciliation / differences.

To increase the efficiency and avoid the duplication of work, MS Dynamics 365 offers great flexibility of integrations.

With integrations between HMIS & Dynamics 365, we can create a manual entry in one systems and its effect will be auto populated on other system. This avoid the duplicate manual entry into two separate environments & work efficiencies. By using the integration services, duplicate entries & reconciliation errors can be avoided. We can also apply different business & calculation rules and central control can be implemented so that required change made at one place will be implemented across the whole organization

Here is what HMIS & Dynamics 365 can jointly perform


  • Maintenance of complete history of a patient
  • Maintenance of complete pharmaceutical items catalogue
  • Maintenance of consultants / doctors’ schedule
  • Maintenance of doctors’ appointments
  • Maintenance of electronic prescription defined by doctor
  • Insurance details of a patient
  • Details of different packages / treatments with respective rates and discounts
  • Detail of patient admission, treatment and medicines provided
  • Detail of patient admission, discharge and cost involved

Dynamics 365


  • Complete financial module helps to maintain the company’s chart of account
  • The financial module also provides the flexibility to record the revenue and expense on the basis of operating unit, department, sub departments like department of medical & allied, department of surgical & allied etc. and related sub departments like cardiology, pediatrics, ENT, cardiac surgery etc.
  • It provides the flexibility to maintain the fixed assets / machinery data with complete details e.g. custodian, ward, department etc.
  • It also provides the complete flexibility to set budgets of different areas
  • Maintenance of complete bank data including check printing etc.

Supply Chain

  • The comprehensive supply chain module maintains complete tracks of minimum, maximum inventory, shortage of inventory, expiry of inventory (medicines), stock situation across all the organization
  • Flexibility of creation of internal purchase requests, maintenance of purchase quotations, purchase orders, receipts up to stocking of the inventory
  • Maintenance of batch wise pharmacy items with expiry dates and alerts for near to expired items
  • Maintenance of vendor managed (consignment) inventory
  • Issuance / transfer of inventory between different wards / pharmacies both manually and automatically on pre-defined rules using master planning
  • Master planning helps the hospitals to avoid the situation of shortage of medicines and related critical inventory
  • Out of the box multiple reports including critical inventory, on hand inventory status, near to expiry, top selling items etc.

Product information management

  • Maintenance of different categories, sub categories up to nth level of different inventory items
  • Maintenance of medicine generic name, dosage, multiple unit of measures, alternate items, primary vendor, different purchase prices and lot of different important information

Account receivable

  • Maintaining of patient and related insurance company data including patient name, address, gender, date of birth, insurance company credit limit etc.
  • Recording to revenue from patients according to different departments, sub departments etc. in a hospital
  • Maintenance of receivable from insurance companies according to individual patients
  • Maintenance of customer and vendor aging reports

Point of sale

  • Dynamics 365 retail point of sales is integrated with Dynamics 365 headquarter
  • POS helps to execute the pharmacy operations smoothly including sale of products using barcode
  • Multiple search criteria are available on POS like search on the basis of brand name as well as generic name
  • Product pictures are also available on POS for easy selection
  • Maintaining complete track / detail of cash declared at shift start up, cash received, cash disbursed etc.
  • The Dynamics 365 allows multiple reports with different types of filters available out of the box

HR & Payroll

  • HR & Payroll plays an important role in a hospital as one employee can perform multiple tasks and work on multiple departments
  • Consultants / doctors not only work on monthly payroll but also on share basis with hospitals. Consultants take patient fee percentage which they examined
  • One consultant payroll expense can be distributed to multiple departments according to the business requirements
  • Hospital are normally open 24/7 so multiple shifts are required in D365 which is out of the box functionality


Microsoft Dynamics 365 equipped with enrich Power BI tool. This enable the management to view the whole organization performance on a single screen with the facility to deep dive down with few clicks.

Systems limited expertise

Systems ltd (SL) is currently implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) at Rehman Medical Institute, one of the leading hospitals in private sector. The state of the art solution is being implemented in combination with HMIS. Extensive integrations are also developed to avoid the duplicate manual entries in Dynamics 365 & HMIS. This helps the end users and management for the effective utilization of resources and reduce time of data entry while maintaining the required detail data in the system which is a pre-requisite for verity of reports & dashboards. SL team has vast experience of successful integrations between different platforms on multiple clients

Systems Ltd is not only just implementing D365 but also providing consultancy how to optimize their current master data, day to day operations and departmental structure. SL team has also worked with client on preparing the new chart of account which is the back bone of the whole ERP system. SL team has also worked with RMI team about how & what information that should be captured in D365 by using the out of the box functionality of financial dimensions. SL resources always work with a vision of future expansion of the client so that client can easily expand its business without involving the implementation partner.

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