Can Having the Right Tools REALLY Help Motivate My Employees?

Can Having the Right Tools REALLY Help Motivate My Employees?

Employee motivation. There are entire books, series, classes, and more dedicated to this topic alone. However, rather than making it excessively complicated, we find that it often comes down to just a few major factors:

  • Work and cultural environment
  • Financial benefits
  • Job satisfaction

And while some of these may be more difficult to control, oftentimes taking a look within your processes, operations, and tools can give you a great place to start and improve from. An ERP platform can be one of the most effective tools for supporting your employees in many of the above factors, but improving their daily lives and processes is probably one of the biggest results that can be achieved.

In this post, we look at 3 ways that ERP solutions can help to improve daily job satisfaction via more effective and efficient operations; ultimately resulting in happier and more motivated employees.

  1. Let employees be good at their jobs. You hired someone because they have the skills and background that your company needs. Enable them to be good at their jobs by giving them the right tools and built in functionalities and dashboards with which to do so. This can mean having a modern and connected POS in your in-store locations, or it could mean having the ability to enjoy a seamless, and humanless, transfer of sales data between the right departments and employees. No matter the specifics, an ERP solution can help to just make things easier and to allow your employees to focus their time, efforts, and energies on the tasks that really count, instead of struggling with out-of-date, difficult to use, or incompatible tools that end up creating more work than they eliminate. Another bonus of ERP platforms is that they generally can be counted on for higher quality data than human efforts alone, so all the tasks and decisions that your employees are making will be based on accurate information in real time.
  2. Don’t waste their time. In addition to being intuitive and useful, the right tools should be able to manage many tasks that would otherwise become redundant and repetitive at the hands of employees. This can be particularly true when it comes to functions related to your supply chain and merchandising efforts, whereby ERP solutions that are equipped to automate many key tasks, can also learn from them. This results in the ERP platform possessing the capacity to understand and predict trends and adjust accordingly. This can further help retailers by keeping items in stock at the right place - which also means that employees spend less time dealing with inventory over and over again and more time on the present and future. Automation also equals less opportunities for human error, which too, does help to eliminate time wasted.
  3. Give employees the opportunity for growth. And in both knowledge and within your organization. KPIs can be a great way to motivate employees because they provide benchmarks in addition to the satisfaction of meeting a goal. However, it is necessary to first ensure that the KPIs being set are relevant and reasonable. This can be supported through clear communication and input from your employees and also by the data that you’ve collected surrounding their tasks. ERP platforms can help you to create better KPIs because they give you a more holistic view of your entire business and how the tasks that your employees are managing in their individual roles can impact your retail business on a larger scale. Additionally, this data can help you to determine where you can help your employees in terms of their personal growth - because ultimately their increased knowledge and strength can be hugely beneficial to your business.

Employee motivation can be a tricky thing to achieve, especially with only 15% of employee claiming to be engaged at work. This means that when it comes to getting employees going, it’s key for retailers to look beyond financial motivators and into how else work processes and culture can support them. Choosing the right tools, like an ERP platform can help to boost employee motivation by enabling them to be more effective, eliminating unnecessary tasks, and by supporting opportunities for growth.

Thinking that an ERP platform could be just the tool you need to help jumpstart your processes and operations? Make sure to take a look at our ebook, Dynamics of ROI: A Guide to Achieving Retail Performance Excellence to find out more about how you can improve your organizational processes and employee productivity for better results.

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