Introduction to Extreme Programming (XP)
Extreme Programming, also popularly known as XP, is type of Agile methodology which believes in good coding practices with high emphasis on quality by doing things once only and is considered to be the originator of stories.
Introduction to Test Driven Development
Test Driven Development (TDD) is one of the primitive software development methodology and is often associated with XP as many of the concepts overlap.
Introduction to Scrum
Scrum is the most widely used Agile methodology around the world. Scrum focuses more on project management level for prioritization of work and getting feedback. Scrum is based on three pillars; visibility, inspection and adaptation.
Introduction to Lean Framework
Lean is an Agile framework that focuses on reducing “waste” involved in any process. “Waste” can be define as any activity involved in a process.
An Introduction to Kaban Methodology
Kanban is an agile methodology that incorporates concepts like pull system, queuing theory, and flow etc. and work done is pulled through backlog and into individual queues.
IT Projects Failures - Part II: Remedies
From the discussion and stats shared in the previous article, we can deduce that below-mentioned areas are to be given much consideration in order to ensure smooth-sailing of IT projects.
IT Projects Failures: Introduction and Reasons
Starting from the title, I assume most of us will agree with the fact that the ratio of large IT projects being failed is much higher than in any other discipline.
Do's & Don'ts of RFP Response Writing - Part II: How to Approach an RFP Response
In my previous blog on RFP Response Writing, we discussed the reasons of not attempting an RFP; in this blog I will share some of the main ingredients of an RFP response.
Do’s & Don’ts of RFP Response Writing
Many IT service providers of modern age consider RFP response compilation as an integral part of their business development cycle and this surely is a means to gain new business opportunities.
Development and Testing Teams’ Collaboration in Agile Methodologies
Development and Testing teams are more or less considered to be two sides of the same coin. Although they may be working on the same project, due to the differences in the nature of their jobs, they often tend to disagree with each other, especially regarding scope of the patch.