Event Management with Dynamics 365 for Marketing
With the 2017 spring release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has shipped a completely revamped marketing app that introduces some very interesting solutions, including marketing segments, an intuitive email template designer, email campaign workflows, and lead management.
Trade Agreement Journals in Dynamics 365
“Trade agreements are fixed price or discount agreements that are set up for one or more customers or vendors for the sale or purchase of individual or multiple products.
Dashboard View Problem in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
In Dynamics 365 for Operations, users can obtain real-time data for running analytical reports. The data is saved in a comprehensive ‘Star schema’, containing a number of dimensions that can be used in reports.
Mobile Platform for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
Mobile compatibility for Dynamics 365 is a game changer in the world of ERP in an age where mobiles are becoming as powerful as personal computers and allowing many tasks to be performed faster and better than before.
How to Choose the Right ERP Platform
When it comes to choosing an ERP platform, there are a number of steps that retailers can take to ensure that they’ve selected the right option for their organization. Follow these 7 steps to help guide you from first look to final decision.
8 Strategies for Minimizing Disruption During ERP Implementation
Implementing an ERP platform can feel like a sizeable task with risks and challenges throughout. However, there are several strategies that retailers can follow to minimize their risk of data loss or disruption during implementation.
ROI, ERP, implementation, retail, guide
ROI is an important metric for any major investment and an ERP solution is no exception. Accurately calculating your ROI from the start can help your retail business to find the right solution - so be sure to follow these steps in your efforts.
7 Questions to Evaluate ERP Vendors
ERP platforms are incredible examples of technology that have changed the digital landscape and how retailers around the world do business. However, choosing the right solution and the right partner to implement it can be tricky, but with these 7 questions it can be a little easier.
4 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Retail Employees
Customer-facing retail employees are some of the hardest working and most essential members of your staff - especially when it comes to making sales. To help them to be as effective as possible, giving them the right tools is a great way to lay the foundation for happier employees and a better bottom line for your retail business.
Improving 3 Areas for HR Success in Retail
Helping HR to be more effective doesn’t only enable them to be more successful, but rather has overarching effects that can help your retail business to improve from the inside out. Find out how Dynamics 365 can help to streamline, organize, and empower your HR department.