Turn on a Dime without Wasting One with a Business Solution from Microsoft
Technology enables you to think big and make bigger plans that help grow your business. Cloud technology is one such technology that helps businesses achieve their ambitions and grow considerably.
Benefits of Becoming a “Business Anywhere” Business
With today’s world becoming a single community, working just from an office isn’t enough anymore. To be productive and to make and implement timely decision, access to the mission critical data...
How Big Data Disrupts Marketing
Social media, a space with tons of data, knowledge and content, has given brands and organizations an easy access to insights about the preferences of their target audience and existing customer base.
Predictive Analytics
Applying predictive analytics to operational and historical data can help organizations reap significant long term benefits. Core predictive modeling methods are based on crunching historical data, i.e. using the past experiences of an organization to predict the future.
Google and Big Data
Google is responsible for increasing the importance of big data in our lives. Google has shown us how we can better analyze big data and use it in a multitude of life changing ways.
Big Data and Its Application In Various Industries
The ability to effectively utilize Big Data gives companies a massive competitive advantage over rival companies that are not technologically adept. Established industries and businesses are rapidly being disrupted by the informational revolution.
The Central Concept of Cloud Computing
An experienced cloud user would have already used services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook or Office 365.