Benefits of Becoming a “Business Anywhere” Business

Benefits of Becoming a “Business Anywhere” Business

With today’s world becoming a single community, working just from an office isn’t enough anymore. To be productive and to make and implement timely decision, access to the mission critical data, collaborating with your team members, and staying connected remotely to map the progress of current projects has become more a necessity than an option. Enabling an entity to become a “business anywhere” business is but one of the benefits that Microsoft Cloud brings to the table.

Businesses can enjoy a connected platform built facilitated by the Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft Cloud creates amazing customer experience by helping in automating an entity’s core processes, transforming its data into actionable insights and helping it with the decision making, and by knitting the many moving parts of the business.

The usefulness and applicability of the cloud has improved drastically, to the extent that now 45 percent of the IT budgets are set aside for cloud initiatives. This is a big step up since previously the cloud was considered useful for menial functions such as emails and collaboration. Microsoft is bringing tools that you’ve come to appreciate to the cloud and is leading the way by example. Now, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Office 365 working together can effectively integrate an entity’s email, calendar, data files, reports and business management software.

Bringing business applications to the cloud eliminates much of the risk of date loss or user error since backups are automatic and frequent. With the ability to access and sync files on multiple devices for online and offline work, there now is no upper limit to the productivity of the employees.

James Farrell, manager of Data Protection Software Services at Catalogic Software, comments:

“When you look at what we’re paying for versus what we get, it’s very good. Having the comfort of a global data center offers huge value—and huge peace of mind.”

With the help of Microsoft Cloud, you can keep the business running and boost your employee efficiency whether at the office, at home, or on the go. No matter their location, teams can share game-changing ideas across the entire organization and stay connected easily.

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