4 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Retail Employees

4 Sure-Step Ways for Happier Employees in Retail

Empowering your retail employees to be as successful as possible takes more than just having great products in stock at the right time and place. To find this success instead requires that your employees can keep up with the rapidly changing demands of customers and the capacity to respond to these changes in an instant - no matter where or how the interaction is happening. One way that many retailers are achieving this is by adopting innovative tools that streamlines all major activities across departments.

In this post, we’re looking at 4 different ways how you can help retail employees become more effective, efficient, and satisfied in their jobs.

  1. Multichannel functionality: We don’t have to tell you the importance of a well-managed and executed retail e-commerce site. Being where your customers are is not just an advantage, it is a necessity; no matter the product or location. By having the capacity to be on any channel, be it on an app or in the store, retailers are increasing the chances of being in front of the customer at the right time. What makes Dynamics 365 particularly helpful in this endeavor is that retailers can better understand and focus on the channels that will bring them the most ROI based on data that is collected automatically 24/7.
  2. Modern POS capabilities: If you want to make things easier for your customer-facing retail employees, giving them a modern POS that enables consistency in applications of pricing, sales rules, and other variables means that there’s less uncertainty from the start. Subsequently, such a consistency in sales operations will lead to a consistency in buying experience - which can help to instill confidence in customers and encourage their return. Having a solution that shares POS data from store to your back office in real time can also help your support employees to make rapid adjustments for unexpected changes in demand and other unpredicted variables.
  3. Workforce management: It’s not uncommon in the retail industry to have a large volume of employees working in shifts, so finding a way to manage all of them and ensure that no single person is overburdened, or that no key shift is left understaffed, is key. The analytics integrated within Dynamics 365 can help with this from a back office perspective by learning which times and days are most popular for shoppers - so that managers can take the necessary measures to ensure that enough employees are available at that time. For those working in shifts, having a single portal where they can log in to manage schedules and request approval for changes can make the entire process much easier and less stressful for all involved.
  4. A more effective sales cycle: Having a 360-degree view of your customer available at your employees’ fingertips results in an improved approach to customers. By having access to their sales records, employees are more able to make better and more informed recommendations. Additionally, being able to see any interactions they may have had with your brand on social networks can help you to get a better understanding of who they are outside of their purchases. This information, in conjunction with the overall understanding you have of your customer and brand on a holistic level, can mean the difference between a ‘could have been’ and a satisfied customer.


These benefits that your customer-facing sales team receive are amplified by the increased efficiency and accuracy that ERP solutions create in the ‘behind the scenes’ of your retail business. This can mean anything from merchandising considerations to building the most effective supply chain. However, all ERP platforms are not created with this functionality intrinsically, so it’s important to choose a solution that is made specifically for the needs of retailers. Choosing a more general option may work for most of your tasks, but the time saved can then be negated by ongoing development and customization costs.

Interested in learning more about how Dynamics 365 can help retailers and retail employees? Make sure to download our free ebook, Dynamics of ROI: A Guide to Achieving Retail Performance Excellence.

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