CRM + ERP: What’s the Connection?
For retailers, getting an edge to stay competitive often starts from within. Two major functions that assist in this are ERP & CRM - which are both acronyms and solutions. And together, they can serve to support effective employees - leading to happier customers.
5 Ways Integrated Operations Support Dynamic E-Commerce
E-commerce or in-store - no matter how your customers are buying, it is key that their experience is straightforward and effective - no matter the method. ERP platforms like Dynamics 365 can help to ease many of the processes associated with their experience, ultimately leading to more effective employees and happier customers.
5 Ways Integrated Operations Support E-commerce
For retailers to be effective and profitable in the age of the internet, having a strong e-commerce presence is key. However, having sales across multiples channels and locations can create complications throughout your retail operations - especially if they start to become siloed. For many, an ERP can be the perfect solution to multichannel retail woes.
Integration Essentials for Retailers
Integrating major business operations is essential to be an effective and profitable retailer. It opens the door to more and better data. This means more informed decision making by all stakeholders in your business, leading to effective short and long-term planning.
Getting to Know Your Operations with an ERP
It’s clear that having an unobstructed view into data from operations across your retail business is essential to remain competitive in a world that is becoming more digital by the moment. ERPs can help businesses obtain and analyze the necessary data for such a view.