ERP Platforms for Departmental Synergy in Retail
To stay competitive, retailers are often in search of ways to eliminate waste and improve internal processes to help achieve synergy throughout the business. Doing so can improve the customer and employee retail experience - leading to better results for all. To achieve this, many retailers turn to an ERP solution such as Dynamics 365.
5 Ways ERP Automation Drives Growth for Retailers
When we’re trying to make our employees lives easier, it can be tempting to buy a bunch of software and a new coffee maker. However, this may just result in an office of jittery employees trying to learn new technologies. An easier way? Through the automation of common, repetitive, and straightforward processes. And one way to achieve this is via a cloud-based ERP.
The Digital Transformation & Retail: A Primer
Every day our lives become just a little bit more digital and a technology becomes just a little bit more part of our daily activities - and retail is no exception. The digital transformation is here and the time is now to get the most from it to ensure your ongoing success in 2018.