3 Stories of ERP Implementation Success
ERP implementation can feel like a daunting task, but the results at the end of it all make it well worth the effort. If you’re feeling a bit unsure of your decision to implement an ERP platform in your retail business, make sure to read these three stories of success.
7 Questions to Evaluate ERP Vendors
ERP platforms are incredible examples of technology that have changed the digital landscape and how retailers around the world do business. However, choosing the right solution and the right partner to implement it can be tricky, but with these 7 questions it can be a little easier.
4 Ways Dynamics 365 Helps Retail Employees
Customer-facing retail employees are some of the hardest working and most essential members of your staff - especially when it comes to making sales. To help them to be as effective as possible, giving them the right tools is a great way to lay the foundation for happier employees and a better bottom line for your retail business.
Improving 3 Areas for HR Success in Retail
Helping HR to be more effective doesn’t only enable them to be more successful, but rather has overarching effects that can help your retail business to improve from the inside out. Find out how Dynamics 365 can help to streamline, organize, and empower your HR department.
4 Ways to Improve Retail Planning
Retailers are in constant search of ways to improve themselves and to become more competitive. Having better internal planning can be key to finding different ways to get better and to stand out from the crowd of online and big box sellers.
Improve your Retail Performance with Dynamics 365
Achieving performance excellence in retail leads to happier customers, more effective employees, and a growing bottom line. This is achieved by improving and connecting retail processes to allow the company to move seamlessly.
4 Questions You Should Ask to Choose the Right ERP for Retail
Time for an ERP platform but unsure of which solution is the right fit for your retail business? Asking the right questions can save hours of time, stress, and possible rework down the line and even prevent the wrong choice.
Can Having the Right Tools REALLY Help Motivate My Employees?
Building employee motivation can seem like a daunting task - but it doesn’t have to be. By improving job satisfaction in daily tasks, you can help to improve motivation from within - and without increasing your payroll. An ERP platform can be a key way to achieve this.
5 Ways Dynamics 365 Boosts Employee Productivity
Profitability and productivity are closely intertwined when it comes to retail - so finding ways to optimize the latter will lead to a better bottom line in your business. A platform like Dynamics 365 can be the ideal option for supporting this productivity by improving internal processes and operations.
CRM + ERP: What’s the Connection?
For retailers, getting an edge to stay competitive often starts from within. Two major functions that assist in this are ERP & CRM - which are both acronyms and solutions. And together, they can serve to support effective employees - leading to happier customers.